Imagery that stands out

It's always about the light.

When it comes to photography, light can be a friend or foe.

In Hobart again for valued client, Sturdybilt Agencies, Dave Groves Photography enjoyed a busy day working with the light. Here at Claremont's Holy Rosary School, it was mostly my friend, with some fill flash to take care of awkward shadows and make this image really "pop".

Knowing how to work with the light in any situation is part of being a professional commercial photographer.

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Setting the scene at Glass Supplies

Creative lighting makes the difference.

An image with depth thanks to specialist lighting.

Adding to the sales portfolio of iconic Tasmanian company, Glass Supplies, Dave Groves Photography, set the scene on the fly with portable lighting, enabling the shot of this family to have depth, vibrance and clarity, despite being captured in a low light, indoor environment.

Does your next assignment need some imagery with depth?

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Hobart Cardiology-Knightsbridge Product shoot

Beautiful chairs in black and white.

Helping clients feel relaxed in a Hobart waiting room.

Although Launceston is very much home, we love to visit Hobart and we love to collaborate with valued client, Knightsbridge Furniture. This assignment was to showcase these bespoke chairs that are displayed throughout the offices and waiting room of Hobart Cardiology. An amazing space of relaxed contrasts, with raw concrete walls, rich timber and broad chairs of gentle hues, that made for a gorgeous selection of colour images, with this black and white set among the mix.

How would black and white imagery work in your portfolio?

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Rosevears Hotel - Fairbrother Shoot

Pride of project is a great driver for me.

An early morning start to find this stunning new development in it best light.

When a company decides to invest in photography that flies well above the ordinary and calls in Dave Groves Photography, then we are all on the same page. Another solid shoot for leading Tasmanian Construction firm, Fairbrother.

Rosevears Hotel accommodation is a much needed Tamar Valley development that will come into it own when the proposed marina is added to what was for many years just a pub on a bend.

Shooting before and during the sunrise was the perfect time for this assignment.

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EXA House in black and white

EXA House-The Launceston home of ARTAS Architects

Sometimes its good to see things in black and white

Located on Launceston's Patterson Street, EXA House is a magnificent slice of history and architecture. What better place for leading architectural firm ARTAS to call home.

Black and white is never black and white! Just like colour, black and white can be tweaked to create the desired effect by adjusting the colours that comprise "black and white".

Here the solid blue sky, enhanced by a polarising filter, has been redefined as black in the post production process.

Additionally, the red and yellow hues of the building itself have been tweaked to create stark contrast, further enhanced by the dramatic angle this image was captured.

The result? An image that stands out from the ordinary.

Dave Grove Photography is your choice when you need to be seen as remarkable.

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By the shore: Foreshore

Work/stay at the Foreshore Tavern for Dave Groves Photography

Sometimes work takes more than a day

Recently we ventured south to work for multiple clients, spending three days in the greater Hobart area.

Flexibility is key in the business of professional photography, and helping keep client outgoings to a minimum is always a prime consideration, especially when working away from our Launceston base.

We spent time shooting the fabulous Foreshore Tavern at Lauderdale, for mainland client, EBC Marketing. The weather was kind and the shoot went well. Here you can see our faithful RAV at the rear of the complex as the sun slowly rose.

We had many sites to attend in Hobart in addition to the Lauderdale shoot, and the half hour trips were both scenic and relaxing ... a great way to begin hectic days!

Dave Groves Photography is always on the move, happy to travel our amazing state and happy to secure the best deal for clients.

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Get outside and get active!

Sturdybilt Agencies, playground specialists.

Active imagery for active products.

I've been working Statewide for many years, with Tasmania's leading playground, shade and soft fall company, Sturdybilt Agencies, of Latrobe Tasmania.

They are always creating new and exciting products for schools and councils to help children use that enormous bounty of energy that is in abundance!

My job is to capture and showcase every product, sometimes in use and other times I'll be looking  for unusual angles or creative points of difference.

Showcasing your products in-situ are a powerful tool that builds confidence with consumers.

Are you ready to showcase your products to the world?

Elevate your perspective

The 2017 AGFEST committee.

Involve your subjects in the broader environment.

The AGFEST committee are a great band of dedicated youth and as the Official AGFEST Professional Photographer, I needed to find creative ways to showcase this merry band!

Here are two photos put together to show the positive difference that a elevated perspective can make.

You can see the lower photo is fine and with some strobes to balance the light, it works well.

However, I wanted to do something that would really carry some impact; to place this extraordinary team in the context of the environment they were working.

This involves shooting at an elevated level, still working with the strobes and still being able to produce high resolution, full frame imagery, but creating something much more interesting.

Next time you are looking for something that will take your idea to a higher level, let's talk "elevated".

Tasmanian Oak: Only in Tasmania

Sustainably sourced in Tasmania's Southern forests: a timber for all seasons.

Tasmanian Oak is a generic name given to select hardwood species gathered only in Tasmania. 

Dave Groves Photography has been working closely with Neville Smith Forest Products, to showcase this versatile, crisp and elegant timber, from point of origin, through to point of sale.

Here we see logistical capability at their "Southwood" plant near Huonville, Tasmania.

Keep an eye out for future posts as the journey of this much prized timber is revealed.

Gold Dust Morning

UTAS Accommodation, Launceston.

Sometimes it's just one image that can capture imaginations.

It was a random morning, a hazy sky, a rower on the river and me and my camera to see it all come together.  Sometime that's how it is. "Love" of what I do, "Light" so helpful, and "Luck" of all the elements together at once. "Love, Light and Luck".

This image has appeared on an industry magazine cover, been printed, framed and hung in offices of esteem and graced several websites. I love it on many levels.

It's a real  "Hero" image and one that I hope will be around for a while to come.

I'm sure you have your own hero image in mind. It's the power of a good "still" photograph.

Perhaps you are looking for an image to define your business or product?

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